Thursday, November 23, 2017

Battle of the Bands Results: Staying in New Orleans, Blueberry Hill

Shutouts happen in the Battle of the Bands. To shut out Led Zeppelin and the Glenn Miller Orchestra you must be a legend in your own right, and Louis Armstrong is a legend. You are probably wondering what drugs I am on putting a battle featuring these three artists together in a Battle of the Bands. No drugs here my mind is just that musically twisted. The shutout is great because Fats Domino and Louis Armstrong have New Orleans in common.

We celebrate winners on this blog.

When you win it's a "Wonderful World"

It is kind of like "The Bare Necessities"

"When the Saints Go Marching In"

Well I'll go marching into whatever else is next and return here with a new post soon!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

October Battle of the Bands Results: Reba takes down Slowhand

Last month I paid tribute to Don Williams in my Battle of the Band competition. It was his song "Tulsa Time."  Eric Clapton had success with the song in the 70s so he was an obvious choice. Reba McEntire who is a country artist and quite different from Slowhand   so she was a good contestant.

Reba won convincingly 7 to 3 according to my readers! Like usual we celebrate the winners so here are a few tunes from Reba.


                                                "Consider me Gone"

                                                   "What do you Say"

I have another fun fill Battle underway which features "Blueberry Hill" check it out here.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Battle of the Bands:Blueberry Hill

Another month another battle of the bands. Like last month this one has a tribute theme to it as well. In honor of Fats Domino's I am picking Blueberry Hill. A song originally created by Vincent Rose, Larry Stock and Al Lewis in 1940 but Fat's had the hit which associated with him. Well, I am making it a three band battle this go around. Throwing the version where I first discovered this song from a bootleg I acquired back in the late 80s.

Contender One: Louis Armstrong

Contender Two: Glenn Miller Orchestra

Contender Three: Led Zeppelin

You know the drill vote for the one you like the best in the comments.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday's Music Moves Me: One Hit Wonders from My High School Years

I have been on a blogging hiatus but I am back today. Back just in time for Monday's Music Moves Me.  Today's theme is one hit wonders from your high school years. Below you will find a few from mine.

My high Schools years would have been 1986 to 1989.

1986 Back then "The Futures So Bright I gotta Wear Shades"

1987 Robert Cray "Smoking Gun"

To be fair, Robert Cray is a blues artist so just having a mainstream hit is a feat.

1988 Bobby McFerrin "Don't Worry be Happy"

1989 Kix "Don't Close Your Eyes"

It is a blog hop and you can check out the rest here. Thanks for visiting and I will be back soon!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

R.I.P Fats Domino

New Orleans musician Fats Domino  passed away today at the age of 89.

It is a shame that another music legend has passed away. "Ain't That A Shame"

I first heard of Fats Domino through a famous Led Zeppelin bootleg I discovered in 1989 called "Live on Blueberry Hill" named after this song...

He did a lot of walking songs like "I Want to Walk You Home"

But he might walk you to New Orleans..

He was a rock pioneer, a great selling artist and a musical treasure who will be missed.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Monday's Music Moves Me: Vehicles

Monday's Music Moves Me is a fitting one for me. The theme is vehicles. Here I am last week I get in late Monday night for one trip and then Thursday I am on the road again. I am hoping to head home tomorrow.

Anyway songs about vehicles..

                                                      "Southern Cross" Crosby, Stills and Nash (boat)

                                              Prince "Little Red Corvette" (cars)


                                                   Jimmy Buffett "Big Rig" (Trucks)

Keeping this one short and sweet and I will be back soon!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday's Music Moves Me: Voice of the Wetlands

elcome to my rather late Monday's Music Moves Me post. I turned off the real world and went on a journey of three days of fantastic music, delicious food, and some other adventures. Alligators, fishing, and several hundred miles of driving.

Friday night I really wanted to see The Trio featuring the legendary bassist George Porter Jr with one of the best jazz drummers from New Orleans Johnny Vidacovich and guitarist Brian Stoltz.

They did not disappoint. The "Guitar Fight" that followed was a joy to watch. I discovered some new to me musicians like Jonathon Boogie Long. Here he is at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2013..

Johnny Sansone also known as Jumpin' Johnny is a multi-skilled musician. Singer-Songwriter, guitarist, harmonica player, and accordion player. I really enjoy his songs. He was slanted to the side stage. He did join in with other artists such as Tab Benoit on the big stage. He played a set that rocked more and his energy level was on high.

Johnny with Tab Benoit and Mike Zito below..

Big Chief Monk Boudreaux and the Golden Eagles followed on the side stage..

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage, playing a musical instrument and night

Of course Tab Benoit..."Medicine"

I could go on and on. Tab headlined Saturday but he played the late night ramble on both Friday and Saturday. Joined many others such as Papa John Gros and Louisiana's LeRoux. The later also featured Jimmy Hall of Wet Willie fame.

Like I said Music was Turned on.