Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Battle of the Bands Results: Motley Crue

Welcome back to Rocktober! I am back a few days late with the results from the first Rocktober Battle of the Bands. The recipe was simple take a rocking song from one of the greatest bands to ever perform. Add two Rocking bands tackling a classic song and the winner is decided by my audience.

Motley Crue versus Aerosmith created a battle that rocked. The voting was close but Motley Crue was the winner 5 to 3!

We celebrate the victors with music! Turn up the volume and enjoy!

Let's "Kickstart My Heart" with a little help from the local flyboys the Blue Angels...

Ah "Home Sweet Home" is a nice place to be...

"Dr. Feelgood" has the cure..

Just a few days and I'll have a brand new battle!

1 comment:

Jeffrey Scott said...

5 - 3? Where did all the voters go this last time?
I hope you get a better turn out next BOTB. Speaking of which, I'm late voting. So I shall go there now.
PS - sucks my pick lost. :(